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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

PANA advisors helps you to automate and streamline your marketing processes.


Our offering includes:

Audit of existing tools and systems

Before you decide to implement a Marketing Automation system, it is worth analysing what you already have in place. There are two reasons for this. Technical: potential integrations (different marketing automation systems offer different capabilities in this regard) and substantive: what data we already collect that we should include in the lead process, analytics, automation and segmentation in the target marketing automation system.


Skipping this step often results in unproper system selection and consequently poor use and disappointment for sales, marketing and the management.

Mapping the marketing and sales process

Often overlooked, but a key stage in the implementation of a Marketing Automation class system. It enables the selection of an appropriate solution to increase the quality of leads, boost conversions and adjust automation programmes, segmentation and lead valuation to the characteristics of your business as well as to your S&M structure.


Skipping this step often results in an inadequate choice of system that cannot meet the expectations of the organisation and reflect the requirements for the leads to be transferred and their proper nurturing.

Lead process (from lead to contract)

The lead process is still not the well-known concept, but a very important one. It defines all the steps and criteria which a lead (a new potential customer usually coming from marketing) must meet at each stage of the purchase and sales path.


Proper mapping of this process will allow us to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by a marketing automation system, increase conversion, lead quality and the rate of contracts closed.

In the MA system we have a number of functionalities which serve this purpose: scoring, tagging, segmentation, dynamic lists, dynamic forms and finally the programmes themselves which automate our communication with customers depending on their stage in the purchase process (customer journey). On the other hand, they allow us to transfer leads at the right moment for the sales department, and this moment will be different for each organisation.


Skipping this step prevents you from getting the most out of your system and increasing MROI (return on marketing investment) and conversions.

Choosing the right MA system

Currently, there is already quite a selection of marketing automation systems of various sizes and complexity on the market.

Apart from global major players such as Hubspot, Marketo or Pardot, there are dozens of other smaller solutions.


How to choose the right system?


The most important thing is to identify the needs and characteristics of the customer’s sales and purchasing processes in your industry.

This will determine many of the functionalities and specifics that the system must have in order to properly reflect and support the company’s internal processes and specific communication with B2B customers in your industry.


Equally important is what other systems you are already using. Do you have a CRM system? If so, you should definitely choose a marketing automation system that integrates with it. Data from a sales system is the best source for marketing to create relevant, high-converting customer communication.


The thorough implementation of points 1-3 guarantees the selection of the right system for each business.

Implementation and kick-off

And here again we return to points 1-3. For a marketing automation system to bring us visible benefits, it must be implemented in a careful, structured way. It is essential to reflect the lead process, to sew in the criteria for leads valuation, the segmentation conditions and the internal rules for qualifying and passing the leads on to Sales. No less important are the scoring and tagging settings. A well-thought-out system will support your goals well, while later changes to it will result in a mess of data and the inability to reliably compare it and thus assess the results of marketing activities.


We support our clients at every step on the way to ensure that the process goes smoothly and delivers the desired results.

System training

A key part of introducing any new system is understanding of how to use it so that it brings us the greatest benefit.

Once MA has been implemented, we organise training for our customers. It is tailored to their specifics, structure and industry. It focuses on how to use the system optimally and what possibilities it offers for analysis and optimisation. An important element is also how other company departments can benefit from and use it.

Ongoing and ad hoc support

In larger companies, marketing teams have or are creating positions or entire teams of marketing automation specialists. Smaller ones often don’t have in-house staff that can dedicate enough time to look after marketing automation activities properly.


In both cases we support customers, but in slightly different ways.

For companies with their own specialists, we organise post-implementation training and provide support for system development.

In smaller organisations we can even fully take over the handling of marketing campaigns, setting up and running marketing automation communications and its development.

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