Poland’s foreign trade results 01-09.2017 – Imports and Exports up

Poland’s foreign trade results 01-09.2017 – Imports and Exports up

Polish exports after the first nine months of 2017, expressed in Euro, increased by 9,8% up to 149.633,8 billion Euro. During the same period imports grew by 10,9% up to 147.773,2 billion Euro.

Transactional prices of the exported goods in PLN increased in comparison to the same period of 2016 by 2%. The increase was also reported for imported commodities and amounted to 2,4%.

Exports to EU countries increased by 9,1% reaching 118.934,5 billions Euro. Imports grew by 5,5% to 377.733,7 billions Euro.

The value of trade with Germany rose by 8% in exports (175.472,6 billions PLN) and by 5,9% in imports (145.243,7 billions PLN).
The share of Germany in Polish foreign trade stayed stable on a level of 27,4% and imports decreased from 23,7% down to 23,0%

Among Poland’s trade partners the following positions (after Germany) were held by:

in exports: Czech Rep. (6,4%), Great Britain (6,3%), France (5,6%), Italy (5,0%), the Netherlands (4,4%), Russia (3,1%) and Sweden, United States as well as Spain (2,7% each),
in imports: China (11,9%), Russia (6,5%), Italy (5,2%), France (3,9%), the Netherlands (3,8%), Czech Rep. (3,5%), United States (2,9%), Belgium (2,6%) and Great Britain (2,3%).

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