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Benefiting from 14 years of experience we offer you a range of advisory services to support your development in the Polish and German markets.

Before starting to push the Sales to sell in a new market, solid preparation is required.


PANA advisors prepares your Sales and Marketing teams to take the first steps and to develop in German and Polish markets.


Our offering includes:

Market Analysis

In order to ensure success when entering a new market, Sales and Marketing Teams need to know the market, competitors and the pain points of the potential customers.


We analyse the target industries and target group’s main themes, we define differentiators as well as critical sales and marketing channels and tools to be used.


As an output you will get:


  • A comparison with the most important competitors
  • A list of differentiators that should be the core of your sales and marketing communication on the market
  • A list of sales and marketing channels, graded and divided into stages with detailed descriptions and expected results
  • A list of events divided by functions and goals
  • A list of top organisations influencing your target group and possibilities to cooperate with those

Sales & Marketing consulting

Each market has different expectations towards products and services. Depending on the market characteristics such as type of products and local consumer preferences, technology advancements, legal requirements etc. But it is not only about products.


Each market has its own business culture that sets a very concrete expectation towards sales processes and marketing communication. Without knowing the secrets of local market behaviours and expectations you will not sell even the best product in the world.



PANA advisors support your Sales and Marketing teams with these challenges through:

  • Helping in preparation of sales pitches and sales presentations
  • Communication trainings
  • Helping in preparation of the best multi channel activities
  • Creating a dedicated lead process for the best Sales and Marketing cooperation, leading to the sales contact

Finding a Partner

There are different ways of entering into a new market. One of the models is finding a distributor or a partner (reseller, advisor, producer of complementary products etc.)

PANA advisors helps its customers find a perfect match.

Together with the customer we define a profile of an ideal partner, we search for potential companies, check their willingness to cooperate with our customer and support throughout the whole process of negotiations if needed.

Thanks to our local markets knowledge, existing business network and partners, language skills and experience, we open doors for our customers to potential partners.

Finding a Supplier

Poland possesses a large number of specialized companies in different sectors. The quality of products is very high and the production costs are still lower than in western Europe.

There are no problems with time zones, huge cultural differences or transportation and therefore a lot of European companies prefer to work with Polish suppliers than with offshore partners.

There are of course some cultural nuances and country characteristics, but PANA advisors takes care of it all. For our customers, we look for potential suppliers according to the agreed profile, we take the responsibility of checking the companies’ readiness to cooperate and we support along the whole process if that’s the customer need.

We also conduct cultural trainings so that our customer’s team is prepared for the right way to negotiate with a potential partner from Poland. We teach them how to understand different behaviors, statements, questions and answers and support onsite during the negotiation process.


About 70% of the buying process is nowadays carried out before a sales person has a chance to step in. It is not a theory of a crazy marketer, but a result of many global researches. Most of the purchasers and decision makers rely on recommendations and self research. Therefore it is critical to dedicate enough attention to online image and presence and this is especially valid for companies entering a new market. Online and offline communication needs to be coherent and relevant. Relevant means something else in Germany and in Poland, as well as in France or Finland.


To support your lead generation in the new markets, PANA advisors offers a range of services that ensure a relevant online presence for your company.

Content Creation

Content is a key element of all online activities leading to lead generation, positioning and image building.


We are helping you in developing coherent communication by creating relevant content:


  • For sales leads generation campaigns
  • References
  • Expert articles, blogs, eBooks and whitepapers


As a next step we also create full multi-channel campaigns for you to best utilise the content.


Both German and Polish buyers are used to requiring local materials and content. It builds trust and makes it easier to position your offering and your company.


To support these needs we are offering you:


  • Content translations and localisation
  • Website structure optimisation


When you have your local website it is much easier to position your company in Google, which is the main search engine in both Germany and Poland.


To make your company more visible in Google searches we offer you:


  • Content optimisation
  • Advertising in Google
  • Increasing your search rank through cooperation with industry portals

Social Media

Social Media tools and use in Germany and in Poland differ significantly, but they fulfill the same functions: lead generation and image building.


Smart and relevant social media use can support your sales and marketing with very direct results.


PANA advisors offers you comprehensive services in this area including:


  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Profile creations and development (both company and sales people profiles)
  • Paid campaigns designed for your market


While the importance of online presence is growing, these are still people that buy from people, which is especially valid in Business to Business relationships. If you want to generate leads and create your company image there should not be a decision between online or offline. Both are equally important and they supplement each other perfectly, both when it comes to communication as well as buying cycle stage.


We at PANA advisors make them work together for our client’s benefit. So even if you choose some offline activities they’re always connected to online pre- or post- activities in order to improve the results. Meetings are critical and this is what each sales person will agree with. This is especially valuable in our traditional markets like Poland and Germany.


In this area we help you with:


There is a large choice of different fairs both in Germany and in Poland. Fairs are a very good platform for generating new sales contacts, getting to know your potential customers and competitors and building brand awareness. 


They however serve different purposes and therefore the audience differs significantly.


In order to get the most out of the investment in fairs, a deep analysis and well planned pre- and post-activities are required. To make this happen:


  • We analyse where to go to reach your target group and goals (lead generation, branding, partner research etc.)
  • We implement supporting online pre-fair activities to ensure traffic to your stand
  • We take over the whole organization of the fair
  • We help you on site
  • We support with follow-up after the event

Conferences & Workshops

Smaller conferences and workshops do not accumulate as large a number of visitors as fairs, but the participants are more targeted and often you can have a direct meeting with selected decision makers.


Here, the exact match of your target group and the targeted audience is even more critical. 


PANA advisors helps you to find a perfect match:


  • We analyse the best options and topics
  • We help in preparation of dedicated materials and presentations
  • We support in follow-up after the event

Support with Customer Meetings

This is the one chance that you are getting to convince the customer about your understanding of their situation, your ability to solve the customer’s challenges, and your expertise. To build the trust and win the next meeting.


Therefore it is so important to prepare for your meeting as the customer would do it if he or she were you.


PANA advisors supports you in this challenge through:


  • Helping in presentation preparation
  • Translations with interpreting on site
  • Cultural trainings

Offline Campaigns

Some people say that paper is dead, but in a fully digitised world more and more people appreciate a simple letter more than the most personalised email. They notice it much easier and it does not require their concent, which is a huge advantage in comparison to an electronic communication.


Offline campaigns can be very creative and can reach even a 50% response rate, which in online campaigns is almost impossible.


PANA advisors helps you with:


  • Concept development
  • Materials preparation
  • Search of contact people and addresses
  • Shipments
  • Follow-up

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