How we work

Supporting customers right from the start

Together with the customer we define goals

We prepare and implement marketing activities

We analyze the customer's situation

We deliver targeted sales contacts

We do dedicated market analysis

We support with customer meetings

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Together with the customer we define goals
Together with the customer we set marketing and sales goals as well as goals and scope of our cooperation

To meet the requirements of a new market, it is critical that there is solid preparation and realistic targets. We help to prepare a go to market plan of all sales and marketing activities as well as to set project milestones.


PANA advisors, based on a long-standing experience in the German and Polish markets, helps its customers to formulate those goals and to reach them.


After this stage, the customer has a go to market plan with realistic targets.

We analyze the customer’s situation
We analyze the current situation and prepare the current state analysis

The beginning of our cooperation with the customer is a precise definition and analysis of its industry, target markets, strengths and weaknesses and the company’s position on the current markets.


Based on this information we carry out industry research and make a comparison with local competitors.


After this stage, our customer knows the gaps and the best ways of communicating in the new market.

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After this step, the client gets:

  • A comparison with the most important competitors
  • A list of differentiators that should be used in sales and marketing communication
  • The most critical sales and marketing channels
  • A list of prioritized events and organizations to be contacted
We make a market analysis
We prepare a dedicated marketing and communication analysis

In this stage, PANA advisors experts are analyzing the German market and compare this with the results of the customer analysis. We pick out the differences between the markets, define possible gaps, compare a way of communicating and topics discussed in a certain industry. 


We define how to best reach the potential customers including both online and offline channels, we are indicating where to be to build the trust and enable the best networking.


Each of our proposals includes a specification of target group and results that should be expected.

We prepare and implement marketing activities leading to sales contact generation
We propose, prepare and implement marketing activities – the first step to win contacts for your Sales

The coherence of marketing and sales activities is extremely important when entering a new market. Clear communication concentrated on the most important topics for individual market allows the company to be noticed and makes it easier to win business contacts.


PANA advisors prepares marketing & communication plans adapted to the German and Polish  market and the customer’s budget. We prepare a cost estimation in a few versions with the benefits description and expected results.


After this stage our client gets a complete 12 months marketing plan including all steps, activities, schedules, responsibilities, costs and targets. This is the start to sales leads generation.


At the customer’s request, we take over part or the entire realization of these activities. We help with signing contracts with local suppliers or assume the full responsibility so that the customer doesn’t need to contact any partners and organizations in Germany.

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Our offer in this area includes:

  • Translations with content localization
  • Creation of local content
  • Cooperation with main portals and organizations on behalf of the customer
  • Events organization (fairs, conferences, workshops etc.)
  • Company promotion on the Internet: defining keywords, positioning in Google (SEO), advertising in Google (SEM), remarketing (advertising to people that already have visited our page once), activities on Social Media (Xing, LinkedIn)…
  • Support by signing contracts with local sales and marketing partners
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Our offer in this area includes:

  • Running of lead generation campaigns
  • Running of lead nurturing campaigns
  • Marketing automation as a service
  • Advising on sales contacts generation
We deliver sales contacts
We deliver to Sales the main contacts from the defined target group

Marketing activities should enable Sales. PANA advisors helps identify key decision makers in target companies in Germany and ways to reach them. We plan and implement communication actions resulting in getting contact data to the key contact person from the customer’s target group.




PANA advisors offers comprehensive lead generation campaigns as well as long-term nurturing campaigns with the use of modern marketing automation tools.


A lead generation campaign uses multi-channel communication precisely directed to the defined target group, touching its important topics. The goal of such a campaign is to gain the contact data of people in the right positions in companies that we want to talk with.


Lead nurturing is an automated communication process directed at certain people, leading to their awareness of a  defined topic. The goal of the nurturing program is to create an expert and advisor image in a concrete area and to deliver contacts to the Sales Department in the right phase of the buying process.

We support with customer meetings
We help in sales meetings as well as in fairs and conferences

Unlike prevalent opinion, the percentage of Germans using fluent English within business contacts and negotiations might not be as high. The ability to lead such discussions in German can significantly influence the decision of which supplier will be chosen, potentially even in international corporates.


In Poland it is even a bigger challenge so speaking the local language is important.


Germans and Poles have different expectations for sales meetings and knowing them enable better preparation to the discussions.


Engaging a translator is an incomplete solution. The translator is just passing the content, without any comment regarding  context, intentions, approach or internal discussions of the potential customer lead during the sales meeting. Therefore, we offer to our customers  real support in customer meetings as well as in fairs and conferences. Thanks to our language and cultural competences we support the communication strategy, help in mutual understanding and reaching the goals agreed before the meeting.

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Our offer in this area includes:

  • Support in preparation of sales presentations for customer meetings
  • Support in preparation of presentations and workshops for fairs and conferences
  • Familiarization with German business culture and market expectations
  • Language support in customer meetings, fairs and conferences

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